10 Bad Makeup Habits You Need To Break

Of course there is no right or wrong way to do makeup but i think that we can all agree cake-y foundation, muddy looking eye shadows, and makeup that doesn’t stay on your face are a few universally hated things we want to avoid. There are some bad habits that are supper easy to pick up that can lead us straight to these problems. These are those habits you might want to break no matter your age or how long you’ve been doing makeup. 

1. Not regularly cleaning your makeup brushes/sponges

This might seem like an obvious one but you might now know that if you are using different products, they are being mixed and blended together creating a gross ineffective and probably bacteria ridden product that can cause breakouts. 

SO how often should you clean your makeup brushes? To prevent product buildup and breakouts clean your foundation and concealer brushes at least once a week. Eye shadow brushes should be cleaned at least three times a month, more if you use a lot of different colors and don’t have many brushes. As for makeup sponges or Beauty Blenders you should be washing them every single week and replacing them every three months. 

Learn How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes Here

2. Not properly prepping your skin for makeup

You’re going to want to have a good base to help you achieve the very best possible look. No matter how good your makeup skills are if you don’t prepare your face you’re going to have some problems, for example your makeup could be hard to blend, too dry, too oily, or it just wont stay on your face for very long. 

Despite what most beauty youtubers will tell you there is no one right way to prime your face. Some will say that you absolutely HAVE to use a primer while others will tell you it doesn’t personally work for them. The only guaranteed advice you should follow is start with a clean face and a moisturizer that is intended for your skin type. After that it’s up to you to experiment and find what works for you (while of course having fun in the process).

3. Gripping your eye shadow brush too hard

When I started learning about eye shadow this was one of the must surprising and helpful tips I’ve come across. The way you hold your eye shadow brush can greatly effect your end results. Holding the brush further down and using a very light hand while lightly building up the product is key. 

This is a great tutorial on how to hold your makeup brush. 

4. Mixing the wrong foundations and primers

This is another tip I was really surprised by. Not all primers and foundations work well together. In fact some combinations can make your foundation look worse or slide right off. Some popular types of foundation and primers are oil based, water based, and silicone based. The foundation and primer you use should be the same type. It’s best to research before you purchase an expensive set that may not work well together. 


5. Not waiting for your moisturizer to dry before applying anything else

If you’re impatient or always in a hurry like me you may have this bad habit as well. When you put primer or foundations on immediately after moisturizing your makeup has a higher chance of just sliding right off your face. The reason for this is because it’s not sticking to your face it is sticking to your moisturizer. 

The solution for this is to wait a couple of minutes after moisturizing your face before continuing with the rest of your routine. What may help with this is doing something else while you wait for the moisturizer to set into your skin. I find doing my eye shadow in the meantime really helps, others may choose to do their eyebrows or even just go do something completely different and come back later. 

6. Trying to follow Instagram Makeup tutorials

I could watch Instagram makeup videos for hours, they’re always really fun and interesting. The skills those people have are just amazing and some of them break it down so well that you just have to give it a try yourself. I’m not at all saying you shouldn’t try out those looks yourself because you totally should it’s so much fun! I’m just saying there are a few things you should be aware of when you do. 

First of all a lot of those videos teach you how to do camera ready makeup which is really thick and bold. If that is the look you’re going for than that’s great but just know it looks very different in person. The second reason is you might not have the same skin type as the person in the video so remember to tweak the products they use to accommodate your skin.  And on that note don’t feel like have to buy every expensive product they may be using, remember there are always dupes for anything you see out there! 

7. Putting on eyelashes without modifying them first

There is certainly nothing wrong with applying eyelashes fresh out of the box. However they may be stiff and ill-fitting if you don’t at least mess with them a little bit.

If you’re going to wear them right out of the box I suggest bending them up and down (mostly downward) before applying them that way they don’t stick up and out. 

Now if you want  to look like you just grew thick anime style eyelashes in the past five minutes there are some cool tricks to achieve this. My favorite is to cut up the eyelashes into at least three pieces and place them close together. This way when your out and about making different facial expressions the eyelashes have an easier time moving with your face. And if you don’t want to do that at least cutting them to fit the length of your eyes will greatly help as well

8. Not paying attention to your skin type when picking foundations

When a new foundation comes out it’s soooo tempting to want to pick it up without even thinking about it. I’ve learned my lesson the hard way many times buying foundation that just wasn’t for my skin type. For example I have combination skin but I would try to use matte foundation when my skin was dry and dewy foundation when my skin was oily. That just did not work for me.

Always remember dewy for dry skin and matte for oily is a good rule of thumb to keep in mind. A lot of popular foundations however are now for combination or all skin types so that’s pretty cool. 

9. Not checking your makeup in natural lighting

This one is super common. Different lighting affects how your makeup looks. For example did you know that makeup stores like Sephora and Ulta use soft lights that kind of blur the skin and make you look better? Some beauty bloggers even go so far as to warn people not to try on their foundation in the store because when you leave it will look completely different . That’s not so much of a problem now that they have these cute little machines that find you perfect foundation match but then again not all stores have those. 

It’s never a bad idea to test out your new makeup in different lighting before deciding to stay with it. 

10. Trying to follow any "rules"

I know I’ve just spent this entire post telling you what bad habits to avoid but please always remember makeup is about having fun, experimenting, and finding yourself. There’s no set of rules that you should follow. Not everyone is made the same and not everyone has the same taste or style. If you want to look a certain way don’t let ANYONE tell you you can’t or that it’s wrong. As long as you’re not hurting any one else follow your own damn heart and be the first to start the next biggest trend. 

Do you have any bad habits you know you need to break? I myself have about a billion. 

Thank you so much for reading this post! I had a lot of fun writing it so it means the world to me that you stopped by. Please don’t for get to share and sign up for more content below <3 


Bad Makeup Habits

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  1. Great post! I wish more people would take the advice of waiting for your moisturizer to dry before putting any product on your face. It seriously makes a really big difference.

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