20 Ways To Invest In Yourself

20 Ways To Invest In Yourself

Before you know it you’re in your mid 20’s wondering how time flew by so damn fast. At some point we all feel like we haven’t done enough. You might have a specific goal in mind that you haven’t reached or you just have the vague feeling like you should be doing more in your life. Suddenly you go from counting down the seconds until your 18th birthday to wondering what the hell you’ve been doing for the last few years.  

If I’ve learned anything from my 25 years on this earth it is that to avoid these feelings you need to do something that YOU deem productive and valuable every single day. As long as you’re moving forward you will feel a sense of accomplishment. 

Below are some examples of what you can do to invest in yourself for a better more fulfilling life. 

  • Wake up an hour earlier 

    • If you’ve been rushing out of the door every morning consider waking up an hour earlier, not only will it make you more relaxed but imagine what else you can get done in that time.  


  • Read (or listen to) at least one good book every month 

    • Reading is so beneficial not only for gaining knowledge but it can make you a better writer, conversationalist, and even improve the way you think.  


  • Listen to podcasts  

    • From Ted Talks to comedy shows podcasts are a great way to expose yourself to new ideas and information. Consider playing them in the car or while you get ready in the morning (or at night). 


  • Start a writing or drawing journal 

    • Recording your thoughts and feelings through writing or drawing can be so therapeutic, it’s also good to be able to look back and see where there may be problematic patterns.  


  • Spend 15 to 30 minutes exercising every day 

    • Even if you’re not trying to lose weight exercise is great for your overall health, especially your mental wellbeing.  


  • Stretch every morning 

    • Stretching promotes blood flow and helps wake you up, which can lead to a better start to your morning. 


  • Start planning your meals 

    • Planned meals have proven to help people eat healthier throughout the week.  


  • Stop making excuses  

    • Excuses use up so much energy and leave you in such a negative headspace. It’s better that you use that energy to come up with solutions and resolutions.  


  • Take a class 

    • The more you learn the more interesting and beneficial things you can incorporate into your everyday life, making you more unique and valuable. 


  • Open a savings account (and commit to it) 

    • I know we’re all told this from a young age but once you’re out on your own a savings of any size can really save your butt one day.  


  • Build a work wardrobe  

    • You’d be surprised at how much a professional look can boost your standing in any setting. I know that looks shouldn’t matter but a good wardrobe shows that you are taking that situation seriously and trust me the right people will notice that.  


  • Volunteer  

    • Volunteering can not only make someone else’s day and make you feel great but it can also be a very nice addition to your resume. However volunteering isn’t for everyone. Don’t force yourself to volunteer, you can always look for everyday opportunities to be a better person.  


  • Reach out to loved ones every week 

    • You don’t want to look back one day and wish with all your heart that you could talk to that special person just one more time. A simple phone call or card in the mail can turn into something that you will forever be grateful that you did.  


  • Learn something new that will help your career 

    • Learning something like excel or power point can really help elevate your resume or come in handy at work. If you don’t work an office job trust me there’s always something new you can learn.  


  • Talk to your boss about possible ways you can grow in your company 

    • It’s always a good idea to meet with your boss regularly to discuss your goals and see what you can do to help get where you want to go.  


  • Start your day with a healthy breakfast  

    • There’s a reason it’s called the most important meal of the day. According to WebMD breakfast kick starts your metabolism helping you burn calories throughout the day and keeps your energy and concentration up. 


  • Dump ‘fad’ Diets 

    • Your 20’s are when your fabulous metabolism starts slowing down. I know you may want to drop that extra weight as fast as humanly possible but just because a diet helps you lose weight fast doesn’t mean it’s good for you, in fact in most cause you to gain that weight back just as fast as you lost it. Stick to a healthy lifestyle instead. I have a great post about dieting mistakes here.  

  • Smile and ask people how they are doing 

    • I used to be so shy when I was younger that most time people thought I was rude or stuck up. I recently started smiling more and taking in interest in others. I can’t tell you how much of a positive impact this has had on my life, people are always complimenting me and I definitely stand it out more (in a good way). 


  • Fill a calendar with meaningful goals 

    • I have A LOT of goals. I never really gave very much thought as to how and when I wanted to accomplish them, they were always more of dreams. Recently I’ve discovered how much putting your goals on paper (or computer) can really help get some perspective. I know have a timeline of when I want to accomplish things. This has helped me actually finish goals faster than I could of ever imagined!  


  • Start organizing your home 

    • A clean and organized house can really help promote a healthy life. I know whenever my house is cluttered I just can’t get my mind right and get things done. 

What are your favorite ways to invest in yourself? Do you think it’s even worth it to do any of these things?

As always thank you so much for reading it means the absolute world to me and please don’t forget to like and subscribe below<3

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  1. Very helpful tips. I’ve incorporated all of these and it’s amazing how doing simple tasks can improve so much. I used to hate smiling and never cared to talk to strangers because I was shy too but once I started people just seem to gravitate. Nice post!

    1. Post

      Thank you! And yeah I was the same way, my mom would make me talk to people and I hated it lol but now I understand why.

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