5 Big Diet Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Diet Mistakes You're Probably Making


In a world full of fad diets and even more diet food companies it has become easier to take advantage of the vast amount of people trying to lose weight resulting in diet mistakes that lead to poor health, bad habits and even weight GAIN! Whether we like it or not when we wholeheartedly desire something that can make us vulnerable and lead to us being taken advantage of by companies and influencers willing to or even unknowingly put our health at risk for a paycheck. These are some of those diet mistakes I’ve fallen victim to myself:

1.Sugar-Free Foods

Products like sugar-free chocolate and soda make it seem like a perfect way to cheat while still being (kinda)  healthy. This is a trap I fell into for a very very long time. While the sugar-free slogan may make it seem like your making a better choice, in reality, you are choosing a sugar substitute that can have negative side effects such as tooth decay, poor nutrition, and yes weight gain.

2. Drastically Changing Your Diet

It’s great when you feel completely confident starting a diet and just dive right in, however, this has a downside. When you go from eating whatever you want to an extremely restrictive diet you put yourself at risk of binge eating or dropping the diet altogether. If you cheat once you’ll be thinking “I won’t get to eat this again for a really long time” So you then eat as much of it as you can. Diets are meant to be long-term so you want to ease yourself in and commit yourself to something you can see yourself doing for…well..pretty much ever.

3. Detox Drinks

I loved the idea of detox drinks, to me, it was the perfect way to jumpstart your diet and get off to a great start. Everything about detox drinks makes you think they’re going to get rid of all the “toxins” in your body. In reality, there is no actual scientific evidence that detox drinks help you lose weight. In fact, most of them are just diuretics… Which means they make you go to the bathroom a lot resulting in the illusion of weight loss, which means you’re just going to gain the weight back quickly and probably just end up dehydrated.

4. Diet Pills

Now I knew better when it came to diet pills but I fell for those tempting claims time and time again. I just couldn’t lose weight no matter how hard I tried for a very long time. I have taken many different kinds of diet pill that I’ve purchased over the counter and honestly none of them worked, all they did was make me feel sick and very very dehydrated.

5. Eat Less / Cut Calories!

There’s this popular notion that if you’re not eating your body is using up all your stored fat and you’ll lose weight. This is the most dangerous way of thinking. It feels so true and simple but it’s not. Starving yourself and forcing yourself to not eat is in no way good for you. Your body isn’t using up all your fat it’s eating up your muscle mass and making you dehydrated.  The best way to diet is to eat right not less. If you’re eating the right amount of healthy fats, proteins, and greens you should be dropping weight without that dreadful feeling of being hungry all day and the HUGE risk of rapidly gaining that weight back.

There are many more mistakes I could list but for now, these are ones that I’ve personally fallen victim to and feel very strongly about now that I’ve educated myself. Always do the research and don’t trust Instagram models to look out for your wellbeing. I’m definitely not judging people who promote different diets or dieting products, they may just not be well informed themselves or maybe they’re actually promoting something healthy you never know.


In the end, talk to your doctor, do the research, and love your body.

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One thought on “5 Big Diet Mistakes You’re Probably Making

  1. What a great post! It’s so true that you believe all those things are good for you when in fact they just do damage. I guess it’s all about balance really 🙂 thank you for sharing x

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