6 Tips That Saved Me A Fortune While Online Shopping

Its 2019 and let’s face it most shopping is being done online. As someone who does 80% of their shopping online I’ve picked up a couple of tricks to save money. If you want to know to bring your total price down just about every time you check out this post is definitely for you.

1.Make a list

If you’re shopping on a budget the first thing you want to do is to have a clear idea of what exactly you want. You’re probably already following your favorite stores and models on social media sites like Instagram so this should be easy.
Remember there’s a special place in heaven for the people that tag the stores their outfits are from.

2. Clearance

You really want to check out the clearance section first before moving on the rest of the website, especially if you love the place but their prices are just a little out of your budget.
3. Email lists are your best friend

I used to get so irritated when I got millions of emails from different stores. The key is only signing up for stores you frequently shop at and also having some money set aside for when these stores send you irresistible specials. And trust me there will be A LOT of those.

4. It’s all about timing. 

Unless you need a new outfit for a specific event I suggest being very patient with online shopping. I never go for the 10 to 20% of sales because i know a 40 to 50 % off sale is just around the corner.

I also pay attention to the season changes, for example the end of summer is the best time to stock up on summer clothes for the next year. You can even find in season clothes if you look through all the sales.
5. Dupes

If that white dress you really like is way too expensive I guarantee you there’s another shop that has one very similar for half the price. I’ve noticed stores like Pretty Little Thing and Fashion Nova carry a lot of look a likes worn by popular celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Cardi B. In fact Cardi B just came out with her own line on Fashion Nova and Kylie Kardashian has been known to sport Fashion Nova from time to time.
6. Honey

I swear Honey was sent from above for online shoppers. It searches every single possible discount code and applies it to your order. I cannot tell you how much time I’ve wasted googling discount codes only to try 30 of them and none of them work. I have saved SOOO much money with Honey. It’s an easy extension on google chrome you can add on in no time.

I know I sound like all the creators out there that are sponsored by Honey but I guarantee I’m not I just love the app.

Let me know below if you have any secret money saving tips I missed above!

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