5 Essential Healthy Hair Tips For Summer

Summer is finally here! After throwing my heavy coats and beanies in the back of my closet i’m finally ready for some ice cream and pool time. This also means it’s time to switch up my hair routine to make sure i stay looking cute. 

Summer comes with more than just beach trips and BBQ’s, it comes with sunburns and gross heat damaged hair too. It’s easy to forget our hair when we’re trying to cover ourselves head to toe with sunscreen before jumping in the water but trust me it is so very important! 

 Whether you have straight hair or a messy puff ball full of frizz like me I have the perfect tips to help you keep your hair healthy, happy, and damage free. 

1. New Season New Hair

What better way to bring in the new summer than with a cute new hair do. A cut or trim will do wonders for your hair this summer. Not only will a cut keep you cool by making your hair feel lighter but it will also make it look a lot healthier and shinier. 

Plus you’re going to want to leave all those dead ends behind with winter and be ready for all those fun pictures you’re going to take with friends and family. 

2. Go Natural

It doesn’t matter if you straighten your hair or curl it I think we can all agree that it’s a struggle using heat tools in summer. It is so hot and time consuming for one then you have to spend the rest of the day trying not to sweat out your hair or get it wet.  Plus the sun is already causing heat damage to your hair you just don’t need to add to it. 

A better option is to just rock your natural hair. Moose is one of my favorite products for summer because it can control frizz for curly hair and help add some super cute beach waves to straight hair. Along with some deep conditioner and moisturizer you are all set! 

3. Protect Your Hair From UV Rays

There are more ways to protect your hair from the sun than just wearing a huge hat (although I LOVE giant hats in summer). You can actually find quite a few different hair care products that have UV filters in them. This will also help keep colored hair from burning and fading in the sun. 

Bumble and Bumble has a cute little UV Protective hair primer at Ulta right now. 

4. Switch To Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner

Your hair is moist likely going to dry up with the intense heat and damage from the salt and chlorine water. To help protect against dry brittle hair it would be best to switch to a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, color safe if needed. It’s also best to not wash your hair too often as you don’t want to strip away your hairs natural oils (because you know the pools already doing that for you). Rinsing your hair with cold water in between washes as this should help wash away any dirt or product build up in the mean time. 

5. Wet Your Hair Before You Swim

Before swimming a great tip that most people forget is to wet your hair with fresh water and work in some deep conditioner. This will help your hair to not absorb as much salt or chlorine water.

 The best way to do this is to throw an extra bottled water into your bag before you go swimming and wet your hair before you jump in!  

Summer isn’t just all about big hats and sunscreen! There are plenty of different ways to protect your self. 

Thank you so much for reading and don’t forget to like and share to save someones hair! Also let me know below what your favorite hair style for summer is, i’m really curious and I need some new ideas.  

5 Essential Hair Care Tips For Summer
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