7 Mistakes That Are Destroying Your Hair

I’m not going lie, for the longest time I figured all you have to do to take care of your hair is keep it clean and throw in a deep condition every once in a while. I had no idea there were so many things you can do to ruin it!

These are seven of the most damaging mistakes you’re probably making right now:

You’re combing your hair when its dry

  • You can probably guess that ripping small chunks of hair off your head isn’t exactly best for your hair.
  • You’re going to want to make sure your hair is wet or at lease spray it with water before combing.
  • Using a seamless comb will also help prevent any unnecessary pulling and ripping.

Not using sulfate-free shampoo

  • Shampoo with sulfate in it strips your hair of your natural oils, just remember natural is best!

Using a regular towel to dry your hair

  • Speaking of ripping hair out of your head, regular towels do so on a smaller scale. They’re just too rough on your hair.
  • Try a microfiber towel! They’re really soft and come in different convenient styles.

Not using hair masks

  • If you have hair on your head I’m going to suggest a hair mask at least once a week.
  • Most people don’t even think about the amount of damage that builds up from pollution, hot irons, even just drying it over the course of a week.
  • If you’re struggling with dry hair, dry scalp, dandruff, or anything unusual you can benefit greatly from adding one to your routine.

Not moisturizing the ends of your hair

  • These are the oldest most fragile and damaged parts of your hair.
  • This is why you should get frequent trims to get healthier looking hair.
  • Always give the ends of your hair a little more love and attention.

Not brushing your scalp

  • I had no idea this was even a thing until I heard a hair styles on YouTube talk about it in one of her videos.
  • Run the bristles of your brush along your scalp to help promote blood flow, this helps your hair grow.

Using super-hot water on your hair

  • If you like taking hot showers you may also notice you have issues with dry hair or scalp.
  • Hot water feels amazing but can dry out your hair so make sure to use warm water when washing your hair to avoid brittleness and irritation.

And that’s all for today’s special class on how avoid damaging your hair! I honestly learn something new every day so I hope you got something out of this post that will be useful to you.

Thank you so much for reading and let me know your thoughts below <3

Until next time!



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