Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder Review

Recently I’ve been kind of obsessed with Drag Queens, I mean their makeup is flawless! On my YouTube binge, I came across Patrick Starrr’s channel. His full coverage looks are nothing short of amazing! The first video of his I saw was a Kylie Jenner makeup tutorial and OMG I loved it. In a lot of his video,s there’s a powder he loves to use called Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder. Usually, beauty gurus use pricey powders like Laura Mercier but I was super surprised that this one was an affordable drug store product. I really could not wait to try it out! To be fair though I also purchased the Laura Mercier Powder to see if it actually compared.  

I was super hopeful about this product but I am very skeptical of affordable makeup products…I’ve been hurt before and in these times you never know if youtubers are just promoting the product or if they actually love it. I did test this powder out for a couple of weeks before posting this so I could get a good idea of how it works and decide if I really like it or recommend it. Below I go into all the common questions and concerns you might have. 

Product claims 

  • HIDE LINES & WRINKLES: Coty Airspun Face Powder in a Translucent Tone is a loose face and setting powder that helps to minimizes the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acne, bumps, scars & other blemishes, giving your facial skin a smoother, softer look 
  • FOUNDATION OR SETTING POWDER: Coty Airspun Face Powder can be used to help smooth & soften the appearance of your skin as a foundation coverage, or use the loose powder on top of your makeup as a setting powder so you can get that flawless, smooth look 
  • LIGHTWEIGHT LONG LASTING COVERAGE: Airspun Loose Face Powder is long lasting & helps give full coverage that feels lightweight enough to wear all day. This face powder can be used as foundation or setting powder & helps your face look smooth & flawless 
  • FLAWLESS FINISH: Get the flawless finish you want with the help of Airspun Loose Face Powder. Use to set contouring and highlights, or to help conceal and reduce the look of rough skin, fine lines, wrinkles, skin blemishes & help correct uneven skin tones 

Is Coty Cruelty free? 

The powder is made in China where all imported cosmetics are required to go through animal testing. Unfortunately it is not cruelty free. 

Does it have a smell?

Okay I’m going to completely honest… YES it smells like a powder you’d find in your grandma’s cabinet. And YES it’s kind of strong… I usually don’t notice the smell of products but It says a lot that I noticed this one. It smells like orange scented baby powder or your grandmas old perfume… Does that make sense?  

Is this product light or dark? What color is this product?

It is light so if you have dark skin like I do than you definitely don’t want to use this all over your face or as your last step unless you know how to work with light powders or you will absolutely looked washed out. I like using it under foundation or just under my eyes.  

Does it cause flash back? 

That is a very good question. I know someone had mentioned that the “Flashback Marry” incident was because of this powder. If you know what that is you know it’s a HUGE accusation in the beauty community. If you’re wondering what I’m talking about here’s the explanation.  

It didn’t cause flashback for me but then again I don’t use it all over my face or on top of my makeup. 

Is this good for normal to dry skin? 

It is a powder so if you do have dry skin you have to be careful and use it sparingly but you can still use it. 

Can you use it on oily skin?

Absolutely! I have combo skin so I use it under my foundation when I’m extra oily and I love it. 

Did it meet or exceed my expectations? 

It did exceed my expectation but to be fair I have low expectations when it comes to drug store products. 

How is it compared to Laura Mercier powder?

You have no idea how badly I want to tell you that this is cheaper and better than the Laura Mercier powder. Like I REALLY want it to be but it’s just not and I think we all knew that. Laura Mercier is just a great quality product and honestly so far it seems like it’s worth the price.  

The Pros: 

  • It does a really nice job as an under eye setting powder 
  • Great for filling in pores and lines 
  • Good on oily skin 
  • Very affordable  
  • It contains a lot of product  

The Cons:

  • The powder puff it comes with is awful.  
  • The smell is strong 
  • You really have to pay attention to how you use it as it can make you look ashy or washed out. 

The Final Verdict

I actually really like this powder and even though I would not recommend it to everyone I think under certain conditions some of you would really like it. As for me I will continue to buy and use this product in the future as part of my regular daily routine.  

You can buy it here and see for yourself 

I couldn’t in all good conscience recommend this to everyone because with this kind of product you either love it or hate it.  

I really want to know if you’ve tried this powder or if you would be willing to try it please let me know all your thoughts below!  

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