Glamglow Tropical Exfoliating Cleanser Review

Glamglow Tropical Cleanser Review

If you’ve been looking for a good quality face scrub you’ve most likely come across the Glamglow Tropical Exfoliating Cleanser. I randomly came across it browsing Sephora for a product that would help my textured skin.  


I’ve been using this cleanser for about two months so I have a really good idea of how it works and if It’s worth it or not.

If you would like to know how this cleanser is intended to work, if it lives up to its claims, and some common concerns people have had with this cleanser then please keep reading.  

GLAMGLOW says this is an exfoliating cream to foam cleanser that is meant to gently polish the skin and remove impurities for a renewed glow. It claims to be perfect for all skin types and targeted towards people with dull or uneven skin texture.  

Main Review
  • Did it work as promised?  

    • Absolutely! I notice my skin was brighter and softer to the touch after just a couple days.   

  • Did it meet or exceed the expectations? 

    • Glamglow has a big online presence, a lot of Instagram influencers are seen using their flashy face masks. I didn’t know what to think of the company at first since I didn’t know if influencers actually liked the product or not but I’m so glad I tried it for myself, it exceeded my expectations  

  • How is compared to drug store exfoliants  

    • I’ve been trying different drug store exfoliants like Shea Moistures African Black Soap Face Scrub. While the others just kind of scrape your face this face wash is much more than just a ‘scrub’ it treats more than one problem. 

  • Does it remove makeup well? 

    • I wear very full coverage makeup and this is a big concern of mine especially because I use this cleaner at night. As long as you’re properly washing your face this cleanser does a great job of removing everything. Just remember if you’re really going in and scrubbing your face for a while you definitely want to use a moisturizer after so your skin doesn’t get dry. 

  • Is it good for day and night use? 

    • I LOVE this for nightly use but I would NOT recommend using in the morning as well, it might irritate and dry out your skin from overuse.  

  • Is it worth the price? 

    •  At $34.00 a bottle girl it better be. I  REALLY don’t like spending too much money on cleansers but I for the life of me could not find and dupe for this product, nothing even came close! Right now I will definitely pay the price for this.  

    • Plus! Using it just at night during the weekdays only makes the product go a long way! And at 5oz a bottle you get a pretty good amount, I’m not even close to finishing my first bottle.  


  • Possible Concerns? 

I have seen just three concerns with this face wash.  

  • The biggest complaint I’ve seen about this face wash has to be the smell. A lot of people claim it smells like chemicals or plastic. Now I’m not saying it’s the best smelling face wash I’ve ever smelled but I really don’t think it smells bad, in fact it smells a little fruity but it’s not as strong as people are claiming it is.  


  • The second problem I’ve seen is that people say it caused bumps on their face. I have sensitive skin and have been using this cleanser for two months, I’ve had absolutely no bad side effects at all. Now I can see how more than a small amount once a day could possibly irritate your skin especially if its sensitive.  


  • The third and final complaint is that it dries out your skin. I did notice my skin becoming a little dry after a couple days of using it in a row IF I didn’t put on moisturizer. If you notice your skin is a little more dry than usual  just skip using for a day or two and its perfectly

 I picked up this face wash completely randomly with no knowledge of it all besides seeing the cute face masks on Instagram and I am so glad I did. 

This is a great face scrub and cleanser, It delivers on every promise it makes. My experience over the last two months has been nothing but absolutely positive. To tell you the truth this face wash is a little out of my usual price range (okay a LOT out of it) so to say that I have permanently included this face wash in my nightly routine says a lot. 


I can confidently recommend this to pretty much anyone with any skin type, however if you are regularly bothered by product smells I would definitely hit up Sephora for a sample or just to see how you like it for yourself.  


You can check out the product here at

This post is not sponsored nor do I get ANYTHING from linking to the product. I just really liked it and wanted to review it!  


Let me know below if you’ve tried this cleanser or if you’d like to! 


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