Lush’s Gritty Politti Face Bar Review

I’ve always wanted to try lush after the seeing their popularity a year (or two?) back. Finally I got to stop in their store recently after finding a location near by. According to the lush website their products are fresh, handmade, ethical, and vegetarian. The friendly knowledgeable staff, healthy ingredients, and recycled packaging really impressed me. I decided to pick up some face bars since I’ve been looking for a new face wash anyway. 

I briefly talked to the sales person and she explained the uses for each one. She told me she (like me) has textured and dry skin so she uses the Gritty Politti and the Like A Virgin face bars, so that’s what I got. 

Main Review 

  • The aim of the product 
    • Clear and soft skin 
  • Description and specifications 
    • Exfoliating cleansing oil made out of coconut shells and creamy kokum butter.
  • Instructions  
    • Massage onto skin then wipe off with a damp cloth.
  • How I used it 
    • Massaged it onto my skin then GENTLY  wiped it off with a soft wet cloth. Not only does it take up more time and energy it can also irritate your skin if you’re using a hand towel. I personally had better luck with a paper towel but decided that’s just too wasteful.  (A microfiber towel would be better!)

Possible Concerns   

  • Is it rough on your skin? 
    • No, it’s a very gentle scrub.  
  • Does it treat breakouts? 
    • I noticed my skin clear up after about a week using this along with the Like A Virgin bar.  
  • Is it greasy? 
    • YES. Again only if you don’t wipe it all off.  
  • Is it vegan? 
    • Some of their products are vegetarian not vegan. This bar in particular is however vegan. 
  • Is it cruelty free? 
    • Yes 
  • Does it last long?  
    • I’m on week three of using two of the bars at the same time and i’m not even half way through them. It seems like they last maybe a month, two if you don’t use them every day.  


  • Leaves your skin super soft 
  • Helps the environment by not coming in plastic (recycled boxes were available at the store) 
  • The scrub is gentle 
  • Smells good 
  • Is moisturizing 
  • Improves skin texture  
  • It’s vegan


  • It does not wash off it needs to be wiped off 
  • If you don’t properly remove it it is very greasy and leaves you with a horrible film on your face.  
  • It doesn’t remove makeup, its best to use micellar water beforehand. 

The Verdict

This is the second time I’m writing this conclusion. Half way through this review I realized I didn’t give these face bars a fair shot. I started out absolutely hating them… like A LOT. I didn’t even want to continue trying them after 3 days which is really unusual for me. After over the Lush website and the reviews for these bars and decided to try them again in a different way.  

My absolute final thoughts on these bars after using them for two weeks.

I love them. They’re definitely different from other face washes and a bit weird but the results are great. My skin is noticeably softer, smoother, and brighter.  

Will I be adding them to my regular routine? Yup! I really get all those positive reviews now. I can certainly confirm they are legit.  

Wanna pick one up? Click here!

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  1. This is so intriguing – I’ve never tried any of LUSH’s face bars, but I’m die-hard for their Shampoo Bars. I’m curious how this would work on my skin, since I have more naturally oily skin so I feel like I would need to wash off the residue still?? Going to give these a look the next time I am in-store.

    1. Post

      I have oily skin too, you definitely want to wipe of the residue its really thick. It’s so worth trying out my skin is soooo soft now!

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