Milk Makeup Blur Stick Review

The reviews on this primer when it came out were outstanding, which seemed a little weird… so I bought it to see for sure. The blur stick is supposed to glide on and fill in and blur pores and fine lines. It’s supposed to be creamy, shine free, and matte.

It took me about two months of using it on and off to decide how I really felt about it. As always I really want any product I buy to live up to expectations so I test it out in as many ways as I can.

Main Review

The aim of the product

This product promises to do what we all want out of our makeup, to blur out our pores and fill in any unwanted lines so that our foundation goes on flawlessly.

Description and specifications
According to Sephora:

The Milk Makeup Blur Stick is a lightweight, silicone-free, matte primer stick that minimizes the appearance of pores and fine lines with powder-filled, blurring microspheres. Blur Stick’s smooth, velvety formula goes on clear to create a flawless, shine-free canvas that helps makeup look better and last longer. Warm up the creamy primer with your fingers, then swipe it onto your face. Wear it alone to banish oily spots and blur flaws, under makeup as a priming base, or use it throughout the day to soak up T-zone oil. Blur Stick primer is thoughtfully formulated with ingredients that won’t clog pores. Blur Stick is designed for all skin tones and is ideal for normal-to-oily skin types.

Did it work as promised? 

It does blur a little bit but no better than any drug store primers (that are half the price just saying…)

Does it work well on oily skin?

Yes, it is very matte so I would say it would work well with oily skin.

Is it cruelty free?


Is it vegan?


Does it go on smoothly?

Not at first, it definitely needs to be warmed up just so it will go on decently.

Does it blend well?

No, the product was way more solid than I expected i have to press it into my skin pretty hard.

Does it prevent caking?

You really don’t want to use a brush to buff your makeup in, it might actually cause caking. 

Does it make your foundation last longer?

It did not make my foundation last longer.

Did it meet or exceed the expectations? 

It fell short of my expectations, especially because of how most Youtubers hyped it up.

Verdict or recommendation

 I really spent a long time trying this with different combinations of products so that maybe I could get the best out of it. I even at one point used a lighter to try melt it a little bit so it would go on smoother. It works just not as well as some of my other cheaper primers. If you have $36 dollars to spend on a primer I wouldn’t recommend this one. Instead i would go with elf’s Poreless Putty Primer for only $8 or Benefit Cosmetics Porefessional Primer for $32 if you’re feeling fancy. 

I would really love to know if anyone else tried this and if you liked it at all, please comment your thoughts below.

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      No problem! Yeah i would definitely go with e.l.fs putty primer for $8 its like a soft version of Milks blur stick i swear by it right now.

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