How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

How To Clean Makeup Brushes

So it turns out I’ve been cleaning my makeup brushes completely wrong my entire life. Not only was it taking me an unnecessary amount of time but they were never as clean as I wanted them to be. Recently I came across a very helpful simple process to get all the gross makeup and gunk off of my precious beauty tools.

Why Your Skin Looks Dull

Why Your Skin Looks Dull

There is definitely something about brighter almost glowing skin that makes it looks so appealing. We always see celebrities online with such radiant skin and wonder how exactly they achieve it. Is it skin care? Makeup? Surgery? Or just simply good genes? While it does seem like everyone you see on Instagram or in magazines has perfect skin a great many of us deal with dull skin and it does in fact in turn make our makeup look worse and our pictures less than ideal. If you’re wondering why your skin is dull you’re not alone, many others along with myself are after the same answer.


Lush’s Gritty Politti Face Bar Review

According to the lush website their products are fresh, handmade, ethical, and vegetarian. The friendly knowledgeable staff, healthy ingredients, and recycled packaging really impressed me. I decided to pick up some face bars to review.


Milk Makeup Blur Stick Review

The reviews on this primer when it came out were outstanding, which seemed a little weird… so I bought it to see for sure. The blur stick is supposed to glide on and fill in and blur pores and fine lines. It’s supposed to be creamy, shine free, and matte.


8 Foods You Should Be Eating If You Have Dry Skin

Foods you should be eating if you have dry skin

While there are many different reasons for dry skin there are just as many remedies. Everyone always tells you what you should be putting on your skin but rarely people mention what you should be putting in your body. There are so many problems that can be fixed with a well-balanced diet and dry skin is one of them. Below are some of the foods that can help you with dry skin.


Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder Review

I was super hopeful about this product but I am very skeptical of affordable makeup products…I’ve been hurt before and in these times you never know if YouTubers are just promoting the product or if they actually love it. I did test this powder out for a couple of weeks before posting this so I could get a good idea of how it works and decide if I really like it or recommend it. Below I go into all the common questions and concerns you might have.


The Best Skin Care Routine For Oily Skin

Have you ever been out all night with friends then you look in a mirror only to find out your face is shinier than Rudolph’s nose on Christmas Eve? Yeah same, you are definitely not alone. Most people are plagued by unflattering skin conditions and oily skin is a very common one. While there are no simple cures in this world there are definitely steps you can take to reduce the oil your skin is producing.