Thinking About Buying Micellar water? Everything You Need To Know

Everything You need To Know About Micellar Water

Micellar water is one of the newest skin care products. You might have seen it on TV or around your local drug store. I’ve come across a lot of people asking questions about the product so I thought I would make a quick post with the basic information you’d want to know before buying it. 

What is it?

A cleanser and makeup remover designed to lift and remove dirt, oil, and makeup. 

What are micelles?

According to Ulta.com

The main component of micellar water are micelles, which are tiny lipid cleansing molecules suspended in water. These particles have the ability to attract oil particles and lift them off of skin, like a magnet. Micelles are extremely thorough and can remove long-lasting make up such as waterproof mascara or long wearing lipstick.

Product Claims

It is supposed to gently remove dirt, oil, and makeup while leaving skin hydrated and refreshed. 

Does it treat acne?

No but it does remove dirt and oil which can cause acne. 

Does it contain alcohol?

It does not contain any harsh ingredients such as alcohol. 

Is it cruelty free?

There are cruelty free brands that carry it such as Garnier SkinActive. 

How do you use it?

Soak a cotton ball or cotton pad with the product then press and wipe away makeup. 

Common Concerns

Is it bad for your skin?

No, it seems very gentle and non-irritating. 

Is it better than just regularly washing your face?

You definitely want to still wash your face, this is just a nice add on to your routine.  This product just makes it easier to remove all impurities from your face.


  • Get a deeper clean.
  • Removes makeup faster.
  • Removes tough or waterproof makeup.


  • You have to use a ton of cotton balls or pads depending on what you have on your face.
  • If you don’t wear a lot of makeup this is kind of useless.

Does it work?

I used it to remove eye shadow and eyeliner, it made removing my eye makeup so much easier than it normally is. I also used it in the morning to wipe my face instead of washing it, it really wasn’t any different from just using my regular face wash as far as I could tell.  

So for its intended purpose it definitely does work and it does make the makeup removal process much easier. 

Is it worth buying? 

You’re essentially paying for something that you can do with what you have in your bathroom already. By simply taking some extra time to properly wash your face you can achieve the same result, which in this case is clean skin. 

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Do I think this is worth buying? Only if you wear makeup, it does save you a lot of time and unnecessary scrubbing. 

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